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Why I Left Taboola For Aditize.com (hint, more money)

My Niche Site Exploded When it comes to monetizing your websites traffic experienced marketers will tell you to never use...


PBN linking Round 2- Journey Site

What Up People!? ARE YOU PUMPED UP?! Let’s recap this ol’ journey so far: RECAP: 1.) Picked a KW 2.)...


Sending Our First PBN Links – Niche Site Update

Hey Guys, I finally got around to setting up some PBNs for our niche site journey and I am excited...


What Makes A Good PBN Domain?

A lot of people are really confused about what exactly makes up a good PBN domain. In this video I...

site 2 linking

How TIME is Changing The Way We Rank

Today I was browsing through my keyword tracking tool, serpfox and came across some data that backed up a theory...

ranking report

Indexed and Ranking- Journey Update

Hey! We got a couple sweet updates in the video. First of all, our site was indexed and ranked and...


Niche Update- Idiot (ME) Bought A Penalized Moneysite Domain!

Well well well…….still think I am smarter than you because I make bank online? Still think I have some magic...


Finding PBN Domains With FreshDrop.com

In this video I show you how to locate domains for your PBN using FreshDrop.com and GoDaddy closeout domains. This...

On-page optimization

Setting Up On-Page Optimization and Adding Content (Properly)

On-Page Optimization As Google continues to be the major D bag is has always been, and will always be……. on-page...

Getting Content from iWriter

Video 2- Getting Content For Our First Article

Not that we have picked a niche, it’s time to get some content. In this quick video I show you...