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Leveraging OPM

How To Leverage Other People’s Money While Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Today’s guest post is from Stephen Twomey, CEO of MasterMindSEO.com. Stephen share’s some insight into ways to build your affilaite...

native ad unit

Why I Left Taboola For Aditize.com (hint, more money)

My Niche Site Exploded When it comes to monetizing your websites traffic experienced marketers will tell you to never use...


PBN linking Round 2- Journey Site

What Up People!? ARE YOU PUMPED UP?! Let’s recap this ol’ journey so far: RECAP: 1.) Picked a KW 2.)...


Sending Our First PBN Links – Niche Site Update

Hey Guys, I finally got around to setting up some PBNs for our niche site journey and I am excited...


What Makes A Good PBN Domain?

A lot of people are really confused about what exactly makes up a good PBN domain. In this video I...

site 2 linking

How TIME is Changing The Way We Rank

Today I was browsing through my keyword tracking tool, serpfox and came across some data that backed up a theory...

ranking report

Indexed and Ranking- Journey Update

Hey! We got a couple sweet updates in the video. First of all, our site was indexed and ranked and...


Niche Update- Idiot (ME) Bought A Penalized Moneysite Domain!

Well well well…….still think I am smarter than you because I make bank online? Still think I have some magic...


Finding PBN Domains With FreshDrop.com

In this video I show you how to locate domains for your PBN using FreshDrop.com and GoDaddy closeout domains. This...

On-page optimization

Setting Up On-Page Optimization and Adding Content (Properly)

On-Page Optimization As Google continues to be the major D bag is has always been, and will always be……. on-page...