Finding PBN Domains With

In this video I show you how to locate domains for your PBN using and GoDaddy closeout domains. This is just the tip of the iceberg with FreshDrop as you can see I completely ignored every other domain registrar other than GoDaddy closeouts.

Using this strategy you can find some great domains for just a couple bucks ($20-$30). In my experience they have enough power to rank your website if you do the proper keyword research and your not going after “payday loans online” 😛

I used this strategy to rank everyone of my websites so I know it works. Eventually, you guys will be making so much money that it’s easier to just buy them from brokers. However, it can be difficult to come out of pocket $100+ for a domain when your used to paying $25.

Anyway, enjoy the video guys! Also, does have a free trial period on top of being one of the cheaper services. I would recommend using FreshDrop on Friday’s to find your PBN domains as it appears that on Friday evenings most SEO’s are taking bong rips and playing video games and letting tons of great domains slip through the expired auctions.

Things To Look For In A PBN Domain

1.) Indexed in google (although I break this rule ALL THE TIME)

2.) Links from quality sites (use PR/PA/DA or anything else to determine the quality of the page i.e. your eyes)

3.) Links are NOT achievable through spamming (GSA, Scrapebox etc)

  • William Kenderdine

    Great training! : ) thanks for the insights, and looking forward to using it this weekend

  • Bill Maser

    Alex, curious why you paid extra for privacy on the domain?

    • Alex5220

      So my whois info isn’t the same for all my PBN sites ( leaves an obvious footprint).

  • logan

    Good stuff!