Indexed and Ranking- Journey Update


We got a couple sweet updates in the video. First of all, our site was indexed and ranked and it happened much sooner then when I am writing this post. It’s probably been indexed and ranked for about 10 days now.

When it was first indexed we came in on page 13 in Google. This is a great sign, and was nice to see a small victory after the debacle over the first domain I used (ended up being penalized).

ranking report


At this current point in time, our site is bouncing around. I’ve seen it as high as page 11 for “nocturnal panic attacks” as far back as page 25 and even completely gone. This is one of the problems with using a brand new domain, and then not linking to it. But I wanted to see if I judged the keyword correctly. Being indexed with only 1 article and no links and landing on page 13 is a good start for a keyword like this.

What I think happens is Google comes along and indexes the site, then based on it’s on page SEO and keyword difficulty places it where it should be naturally. At that point it seems to hit some sort of filter where Google is saying “we can’t rank it this high its to new, we don’t trust it and their are no external signals telling us anything….let’s dance.”

Now, if I sent some PBN links it would anchor this sucker down some. Probably land near page 13. BUT if I had used an expired domain to begin with, that already had trust built up with Google we would have avoided this problem. It most likely would have landed before page 13 and not be bouncing around so much. We will be able to test this theory when I build PBN links b/c the PBN sites will most likely be ranking right around where our money site is now.

Anyway……some cool things to check out in this video.

1.) I show you my method of “niching down” in a great example by pulling keywords out of the article I had written. THIS is  how you build authority affiliate sites guys. By expanding and expanding and with a little time….start murdering sales.

2.) We have a “Category” page ranked. Many SEO’s will de-index their category, author, archive, and tag pages. I understand why they would do this. Technically what happens on these pages is the exact content in your article, gets repeated in a “Category” page that wordpress creates. So it is absolutely duplicate content on your site. But shit man, they rank. Google seems to love them.

3.) We have multiple rankings for other keywords, pretty cool.





  • Quinton Hamp

    Exciting start!

    I’ve gotten so bored with maintaining and growing sites I decided to hammer out a little 5-pager for a local term last weekend.

    It’s kind of exciting to watch “the climb”

  • logan

    Hey due awesome stuff. Can you please tell me how much you pay for an article like the one you have used in this video?

  • Alastair

    Good stuff man. Interesting. Hey what’s your thoughts on where you’re taking the site (silo structure wise). Will you end up with category landing pages and sub pages or just posts?

  • Gordon Chow

    Great Stuff Love the over the shoulder video

  • Kim

    Hi Alex, I know you published this post over a year ago but do you still feel the same way about category pages ranking?