Niche Update- Idiot (ME) Bought A Penalized Moneysite Domain!

Well well well…….still think I am smarter than you because I make bank online? Still think I have some magic trick that makes me successful? WRONG!

My brilliant self started this journey by:

1.) Buying a moneysite domain that was spelled wrong

2.) Then bought a new moneysite domain to replaced the misspelled domain and it ended up already being penalized (punches self in face)

I guess it’s a good thing this is all FREE haha.

On top of that these posts probably contain a ton of grammar issues and typos as I learned English from a monkey while travelling in the circus.


So, we begin again!

I moved all the content to the NEW moneysite domain,…….(please lord tell me I spelled it right) + I added a youtube video. Lets hope this thing gets indexed soon!


Rant Time

I think the major reason why I have found success online and so many others have not is the fact that I just sit down and actually do shit. If it’s not obvious by now I am not the worlds greatest SEO, I  don’t know any real advanced strategies other than what’s already publicly blasted everywhere, and I probably do things ~65% correctly most of the time.

The point is it’s better to get out there and try then to sit around and wait until everything is perfect.  If you have not already found a niche, gotten at least 1 post on the site and hopefully had it indexed as you have been following this journey……WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GO DO IT!






  • Dillon Carter

    We are always learning lol. You touched on a very important topic for most of us. Taking action is something I cannot seem to actually do. My fear is that I won’t be ranking and I will waste money and time. I suppose, even if that happened, that I would have learned something of value and could go out and try it again.

    I followed your Niching Down webinar from Drip Apps University and found a great keyword and even a decent domain following how you used Our Anxiety as a general term.

    This way I could target even more keywords related to the general subject of my keyword and increase the sites Domain Authority to rank easier in the future for more keywords.

    I just need to create a plan, sit down and put in some work! 🙂

    Any suggestions if you don’t have your own PBN?

    • Alex5220

      Thanks for the comment Dillion! Don’t even worry about the PBN yet, just get to writing and get some content up ASAP. If your KW research is legit you can often rank with a tiny little PBN and sometimes without one completely

  • Maxx Heth

    I can definitely relate. My biggest weakness is that I always keep asking “what if?” and “what else?” because I’d rather make less mistakes than the next guy, but no one’s a better teacher than raw, uncut experience. Great post btw, Alex! It takes guts to admit when you make a mistake. =D

  • Dillon Carter

    Because you are adding a video to help index the site, does it make sense to do some SEO on the youtube video to pass along some more link juice to help?

    Btw, Finally took some action and following you on this little journey 🙂 I have my site up, a few more domains from a 301 method I just learned via Drip Apps University and waiting on my content to be written via iWriter and indexed 🙂

    • Alex5220

      Nah it’s not my video I’d be SEOing for someone else

  • Alex Haghdust

    How do you set up the purchased domains you showed in video with money site and do you make content for this domain? do you do 301 redirect to money site after writing some content for each domain?

  • Mike

    Did you set up GWT to see that it was penalized? Or some other way?