PBN linking Round 2- Journey Site

What Up People!?


Let’s recap this ol’ journey so far:


1.) Picked a KW

2.) Set Up Site

3.) Added 2 articles

4.) Made 2 PBN links

5.) Ranked on page 4 currently


Not to shabby considering how little work I have put into this site. Which brings me to my next topic…….picking a niche that interests you.

When you are doing affiliate marketing for a living, it’s important to never limit yourself from income opportunities. When you get rocking and rolling you’ll find that it’s consistency of building and testing that keeps the bank account full. Often I see my sites kind of rotating through a cycle of which ones are killing it for me. It seems like every time a big money maker begins to lose steam (trendy niches fading, hype over product dying down, or shit even a good ol fashion G slap) the next one is coming right up to take its place in another niche.

So while I encourage you to never limit yourself from entering a niche because it doesn’t interest you, I also encourage you to start in niches that do interest you for one major reason.

It will help you continue to put in the work when you want to give up. You also won’t get bored as shit.

I wanted to bring this up because our journey niche site bores the shit out of me. I picked a niche I know nothing about, have never monetized in, and don’t have the slightest expertise or knowledge about.

Looking back, this would have been a lot more fun if I had picked something else. When you are starting your first affiliate site I would suggest that the niche at least meets these two requirements (either or, not necessarily both).

1.) It’s in a field that interests you, and you have some sort of knowledge about

2.) You think it’s going to be such a huge money maker it keeps you up at night with excitement. 


If your niche site meets one of the above two requirements I promise you it will be 95% easier to make it to the finish line.


Don’t think for a second that this post is about ditching fixinganxiety.com. I am going to rank this little bitch.

In this video, I drop 3 more PBN links giving ua a total of 5 AND you get to see a….

New PBN Content/Set Up Trick

I revealed a pretty sweet little trick to help your PBN look more legit, keep their existing links longer and even get a little free content using the waybackwhen machine. I probably could have put this trick into a PDF and sold it for $47, but I didn’t. Enjoy!






  • Cliff2014

    Looking good!
    You’re page
    fixinganxiety.com/nighttime-panic-attacks-turning-sleep-into-a-nightmare is now on page 2 of Google.
    What’s your next step?