Sending Our First PBN Links – Niche Site Update

Hey Guys,

I finally got around to setting up some PBNs for our niche site journey and I am excited to see what happens with them. Lately I have been extremely busy with the beginning stages of building and launching Domain Auction Sniper, getting heavy into PPC, and even stumbled into learning how to grow twitter handles quickly for massive free traffic. Needless to say I have slacked a little on the journey side of things but I am going to make a huge effort moving forward to get something out at least once a week now. Hopefully we can get this sucker ranked in the next couple weeks!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the vid!



  • Bill Maser

    Great to see some more things happening with the journey Alex. When I see how simple you keep things and where that’s taken your success, it’s super encouraging. So it’s been the better part of a couple months since the anxiety site went up and your just now linking some PBN’s to it. Is it important to wait this long before doing this or is it safe to do much sooner. I’m finally now just getting my money site going and was hoping to not wait a couple months before doing some PBN work.