Setting Up On-Page Optimization and Adding Content (Properly)

On-Page Optimization

As Google continues to be the major D bag is has always been, and will always be……. on-page optimization becomes increasingly important. More and more big G is shying away from needing links to rank and focusing more on other things, especially your on-page set up.

There are SEOs out there ranking in today’s currently algorithm without using backlinks at all. Don’t get me wrong, they are doing this in local markets where competition is not the hardest to beat. But they are able to achieve these rankings through proper on-page optimization and website structure.

Not over optimizing your website is extremely important these days. In the video below you will see just how easy it is to be over optimized and how to fix it as well as how to set up a brand new website for Google domination.

  • Russell Lundstrom

    Nice, thanks man.

    Better safe than sorry using images. Here are my resources for free images you can use without worry of copyright

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  • Mike Barton

    Great Video Alex!!! How can you learn/find out if or when Google indexes your new post(s)? Also do you always purchase original articles for your Money Site and tier 1 PBN’s or do you ever use spun articles that past Copyscape?
    Looking forward to the next Video. I’m learning a lot from your Videos!!!!

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