Video 1- Keyword Research and Picking a Niche

Keyword research the first and most important step when beginning an affiliate website. Get this part wrong and you’re done before you even begin. I see too many people trying an affiliate site for the fist time going after keywords that I would not touch with a 10 foot pole.

My first success online came from ranking the site (I recently let the domain go).  I am not going to try to tell you that I ranked this sucker and made a million bucks from it. In reality, the traffic was pretty worthless. HOWEVER, what it did show me was a couple things:

1.) What an easy search LOOKS like– when you discover an easy search, whether through keyword research or just dumb luck (it’s usually a little of both) you now have a blueprint of what an easy search looks like. You can use this too compare with other searches you are thinking about going after in the future. Understanding this will help you rank much faster and easier moving forward and help you avoid going after impossible search terms.

2.) It showed me what SEO looks like. As I experimented with ranking for “rubber band car” it showed me how to do SEO on a basic level. Getting the site to the first page required a serious of steps that I knew would be repeatable for future sites. These steps were no harder then finding and building a PBN and structuring the site correctly, which we will cover in this journey. My point is this, if you can figure out how to rank for an EASY keyword, you have just figured out EXACTLY how to rank for a competitive keyword. Allow me to explain.

Let’s say the keyword “rubber band car” has an difficulty of ranking page one of google of 10 out of 100, with 100 being the hardest term to rank. You rank this keyword on page 1 by performing the following:

-6 PBN links, 10 social bookmarks, 10 high PA web 2.0s. 

Great! You have just figured out the exact blue print you need to rank ANYTHING. Now the next keyword you want to rank for has a difficulty ranking of 20. You already know what you need to do:

-12 PBN links, 20 social bookmarks, 20 high PA web 2.0s. (double what it took for a level 10 keyword)

Once I ranked for “rubber band car” I had a blueprint to follow for any keyword, the only difference would be the amount of times I would need to perform the steps until the website ranks. Make sense?

SO, if you are just beginning. I suggest you try to find the easiest keyword possible. Don’t even worry about monetizing the traffic yet, that we can figure out later. Ranking one of these easy keywords will not only make ya feel good, but it will map out the process you use for the rest of your IM career. Check out the video below and follow me as I find a niche and pick a KW for this journey. Also, be sure to check the Keyword Research section as I plan to do several videos on this process as it is so important.

P.S. It looks like the vid came out a little blurry- if anyone has any pointers for me I would be HAPPY to hear them! Help the community grow and leave any POSITIVE comments or questions in the FB group or below!

  • Russell Lundstrom

    Cool stuff. I think it would have been helpful if you narrated the search logic you were using. Wasn’t sure about the intitle qualifier.

    • Alex5220

      Hey Russell, thanks for the input I will try to talk through what’s going on in my head in future videos 🙂

  • Max Pan

    Awesome stuff! Thank you Alex!

    • Alex5220


  • Mike Barton

    Good info Alex! Do you usually buy new EMD’s or do you buy Expired Domains for your Money Sites? If the competition is low is it better to buy EMD’s? Thanks

    • Alex5220

      Hey Mike,

      Honestly, I have only used an expired domain as a money site…..maybe twice and I didn’t have amazing results. Perhaps they were not the most powerful base sites to begin with…….but usually I just use a new domain, close to an EMD and just take it slow

  • Nilanjan Roy

    This was a nice video. Are you planning to upload any more videos soon?

  • Bill Maser

    Alex, I was able to watch your interview/coaching that you did with Mike Long so this video made good sense to me.My question is: I understand that the lower the “intitle” number the better but would expand a bit on the range that your looking for and the overall significance of this part of your KW research…Thanks!

  • Scott Daves

    Alex, just in case you didn’t figure out why the video is blurry, it’s the resolution of the video being 360p. If you offer a better option, such as 720p, you’ll correct this.

  • Cliff2014

    Alex, I have found some great keywords following your guidelines, but I have a question? Aren’t you concerned about the “DA & PA” of your competitor’s for the same keyword? If a competitor has a DA of 95 and a PA of 60, wouldn’t they be too strong to go up against? Please let me know if I’m missing something here? Thanks for your help!

  • IMSource

    Your keyword research is Kick. Ass. Ba ba ba baller. This is the stuff that makes all the difference and that no other course or training out there covers. Thank you for the help and insights. This has been extremely beneficial.