Why I Left Taboola For Aditize.com (hint, more money)

My Niche Site Exploded

When it comes to monetizing your websites traffic experienced marketers will tell you to never use networks like Adsense.  They(we) are from the school of thought that there are better way to monetize. 99% of the time this is true. When you finally get traffic to your site, slapping some ads on it is the newbie way to monetize. You can typically do better.

HOWEVER, this turned out to not be the case for me with a niche website that covered a hot children’s fade that exploded, then died. Think pongs, pokemon type stuff. Things that come in hitting hard and then disappear after 6 months.

I was getting massive amounts of traffic, all from Google search. I was topping at around 1mm visitors a month at the prime.  BUT I could not for the life of me figure out the best way to monetize. I tried everything I knew of, and most did not work. I came to the conclusion that the kids niche I was dominating was filled with broke kids. Nobody was whipping out the ol credit card to buy stuff.  But, they will click on ads…..on boy will they click on ads.

Defeated I turned to my old friend, Adsense. It was lovely. With all the traffic and a couple key ad placements I was easily doing $15k/month. If I would have known it was not going to last I would have sold that site for $150-200k at the 5 month mark, oh well.

So I threw my 3 ad units on, sat back and watched the clicks come in. Naturally, I wanted more. With Adsense being tapped out, naturally I turned to the next best thing, Native Advertising.

Basics Of Native Ads

I guarantee you have seen this relatively new form of advertising even if you are not aware of it. They can typically be seen at the bottom of articles and are made to look like they are articles from the site you currently visiting. Often contain click bait style headlines. See pic below:

native ad unit


Since I had a real site, with real traffic, I applied to the industry leader in Native Ads, Taboola. Grossing over $250 million in 2041 Taboola was making big moves in the industry and they were known have the highest payouts. At least, I thought so.

Applying to be a publisher on Taboola was an extensive process. Applications, contracts, phone interviews the whole 9 yards. Eventually I was accepted.

Installing their widget was simple enough and in a couple of minutes I was up and running. At this point I was excited to see how much money I was going to make.  Fast forward to the main point of this article, it was SHOCKINGLY LOW.

My Taboola Stats:

Taboola Earnings

Ad Impressions: 2,926,378

CTR    .89%

Clicks:  25,991

Earning per click:    4.8 cents

EPM     42 cents

Total: $1,237.26


After 2-3 months of this nonsense I knew there had to be something better out there. 5 cents a click was not going to make me rich, I could not shake the feeling of being ripped off.  So I set out to find a new advertising unit that was going to pay me a fair price for my traffic.


Then I Found Aditize.com


When I ran into Aditize.com they were still very much in beta, but I knew they were going to be a game changer. The difference between Aditize.com and the other ad networks out there is simple, but huge.

Instead of selling your traffic click by click, you absorb the real power of your traffic by splitting sales with Aditize.com, typically 90% your way.  It is a CPA style ad widget that absolutely crushes it.


 The Power Of Aditize.com

Let’s take the Taboola widget stats from above and play devils advocate for a min. The only real numbers we need are the total revenue and total clicks, $1,237.26 and 25,991 clicks.

Remember, instead of selling off clicks, the Aditize widget is loaded with 1,000s of CPA offers and automatically optimizes for your particular site. The average payout of their offers is around $20.

25,991 clicks, converting at 2% = 519.82 conversion = $10,396.40

25,991 clicks, converting at 1% = 259.91 conversions = $5,198.20

25,991 clicks, converting at .5% = 129.95 conversions = $2,599

25,991 clicks, converting at .4% = 103.96 conversions = $2,079.2

25,991 clicks converting at .3% = 77.97 conversions = $1,559.46


I’ll just go ahead and direct you to the Aditize sign up link now 😛 Here ya go!


You can see from the stats above that if you got that primo traffic, that US and EU good stuff……you can absolutely crush it with Aditize.com. Even if your traffic is not top notch, and you can convert at just three tenths of 1 percent (.003) you will STILL MAKE MORE with Aditize.

The best part of it, there are really no limits with Aditize.com. You can put as many widgets on your site as you please, giving you the ability to maximize CTRs through the roof. You can have any type of website with any type of content. Pure spam curated facebook viral-nova knock off traffic, GREAT….Aditize will crush it. Got an adult themed site that no one else will let you put their ads on? Aditize is game, horny people buy stuff too. The more I work with Aditize the better and better I like it.

I am going to continue to experiment with Native ads, and especially with Aditize.com. I have only been using it for the past couple weeks, and yes it is blowing Taboola out of the water. Stay tuned for my full blown case study and review of Aditize.com where I will cover the application process, installation, payment time frames and all!




  • http://netizenpros.com Robson Grant

    Is Aditize even in business anymore? Their last tweet was 11 Aug 2015

  • http://tonygreene113.com tony greene

    Is there an update to this article and your giddiness to the other than Taboola site?

  • Kevin

    Is this article a joke or a scam? I have never heard of Aditize.com, so I looked them up. There is litterarly NOTHING on the entire web about them. Their alexa rank is at over 2.5 million, which means it’s a dead website. Google has no history of them ever being popular. No one has ever written about them.
    I came to the conclusion, that this article is a paid blog post by Aditize.com, as a pathetic advertisement attempt.

    • Azeez Motunrayo Egbetayo

      so true