Wolverine Theory Behind Keyword Research

Keyword research is in my opinion, the most important factor in SEO success. This is especially true in affiliate SEO. To often I see people new to internet marketing pick a keyword that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. I think a major factor in my online success was the keyword research I performed when just starting out. By picking super easy keywords to rank for I was able to quickly get sites ranked and from there, monetize. Check out my first intro video into keyword research below.


 (video quality kinda sucks, sorry)

Major Takeaways:

Keywords MUST:

  • be under 1 million natural search results
  • under 5,000 intitle and inurl (  intitle:”keyword”)


  • http://canmoneyonlinesolveit.com/blog Pat Brosnan

    Thanks for this video really shows what we can actually find and rank for. Amazing stuff and a big eye opener

    • Alex5220

      Glad you liked it!

  • Stephanie Pierce

    Thanks Alex, great video! It was super helpful to me.

  • John Susko

    Your video on OMG Machines (Alex Gould on Keyword Research) is all cut off on the top and left side. Any plans to re-do this sometime soon. Many of the Google “quick-hits” examples are simply not on the screen and therefore unusable. (Alternatively is that video posted anywhere else online?)

  • Rob

    Hi Alex, when doing your method of keyword research, and the natural serps comes in under 1M, however if the intitle and inurl searches show no results, and the keyword planner also show no results (allegedly), is it best to write off that prospective keyword as dead in the water?
    Thanks much